DON'T play this if you haven't read up through [Chapter 1 - 024] of Dreadnought Despair!!! This is an ongoing murder mystery story and you will immediately get spoiled on the first death if you open this game lol


Sixteen students from Hope's Peak Academy wake up to find themselves trapped aboard a mysterious space station, thousands of miles from home. Their only way out? Get away with murder. Who will survive the horror of the Dreadnought, and who will succumb to death and despair?

Dreadnought Despair is a sci-fi comedy murder mystery fic inspired by the Danganronpa series! Most of the story is on the main website, but the class trials are interactive fiction games coded in Twine and a little Phaser, so I'm hosting them on to make downloadable versions available!

Install instructions

After downloading, all you'll need to do is extract the zip file and click on the icon that says "Dreadnought Despair - Class Trial 1"! (As a bonus, if you look around in the package.nw folder you can find all the art assets! Just don't make fun of how inconsistent my filenames are 😅)


Class Trial 1 - Windows x64 176 MB
Class Trial 1 - Mac x64 182 MB
Class Trial 1 - Linux x64 (untested) 186 MB
Class Trial OST 55 MB


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Wait so is the Execution out yet or?

This was great! I can't wait for the next update.

I got the culprit right before I opened the trial, but with the wrong murder weapon.


That was a fantastic trial!

Can't believe I guessed the victim for once.


Bro that trial was SICKK

Very much Kudos to you for this project!!

Still can't believe [Culprit] killed [Victim].

Looks like I guessed wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯